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50 thoughts on “Better Blogging at Pages and Posts”

  1. Best of both worlds:
    Hi there. I’ve been reading some of your posts in the forums, thank you for all your effort!

    On the subject of pages or posts, I’m thinking about the best way to set up a private blog for many users.
    I came to the conclusion that pages are basically redundant for my purposes, besides 2 or 3 with information. If you use posts and cleverly employ categories, custom menus (in widgets if necessary) provide all the site architecture and navigation you could wish for, non? Categories “collect” posts, menus display categories. Even better, posts can appear in more than one “collection”.

    I’m thinking about this because I would like a structure where all posts of any contributor can be consulted, as well as all posts of a group of contributors within a certain time period.

    haha I think I have my answer 🙂 Your posts helped to provide more clarity.

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